A LaTeX Template For Responses To Referees’ Reports

Upon sending a revised version of a submitted paper to a journal, one is generally required to enclose a statement on the revision based on the referees’ report. In this statement, you basically respond to comments from the referees. A friend of mine asked me whether I could publish the LaTeX template I have been using for writing such statements. Well, here you go :).

How Does It Look Like

Lets start with a screenshot of a PDF that was generated from the template:


How to Use It

As you can see, the template uses a simple style based on the standard article class. Apart from rudimentary details, such as title information, the template defines a Reviewer command and a response environment.

The Reviewer command is used to produce a heading for comments of a particular reviewer. For example, to generate the heading from the screenshot above, use


The response environment creates a comment-response pair. Its style resembles the one used in email replies. Example:

\begin{response}{First comment.}
  Response to the first comment.
\begin{response}{Second comment.}
  Response to the second comment.

The template does not contain a reference list (bibliography). However, if you want to, you can add the following code to the end of the template to use BibTeX bibliography from file named statement.bib:


Source Code

A complete source code of the LaTeX template is available on GitHub.


I would like to thank Sean Allred for his excellent improvements of the original version of the template.


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